On Saturday October 5, (rain date October 6), Burlington City will host the 12th Annual K-9 Car Show.  Beautiful automobiles will line the 200 and 300 blocks of High St. from 10am-3pm.

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      After the record-breaking temperatures of this past summer, October is finally here with cooler temperatures,  changing colors of the trees,  all the beautiful mums, Halloween, and the Emporium Antique Show. The Historic Burlington Antiques and Art Emporium will host their 11th semi-annual  Antique Show and Garden Market, with Customer Appreciation Day on Sunday, October 13,  from 10am to 5pm. Located at 424 High St. in Burlington City, N.J., the Emporium is home to 65 plus antiques dealers, selling antiques from the 1800’s to the collectibles of today.

      On October 13th, the parking lot will be filled with dealers, while the inside  dealers will answer questions about their inventory. The Emporium dealers will say thank you to all our loyal customers, with a table filled with complimentary snacks. The Emporium has a large number of fantastic bakers, to tantalize your taste buds with danish, cookies, brownies, pretzels, etc.. Also the courtyard will be filled with garden items and beautiful mums for your fall doorway or garden. The Emporium display case will be filled with Halloween collectibles old and new.

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      During the show, auctioneers Christopher and Elaine Doerner will offer evaluations of antiques with a $5. donation to the Performing Arts at Burlington City High School. The evaluations are limited to three items and will take place from 12:30pm to 2:30pm. The greeter  at the front door of the Emporium will assign times for the evaluations. Shoppers can find Christopher on ID#1049 or phone 609-877-6843, if his services are needed.

     The Emporium dealers have created a raffle basket filled with items valued over $400. Customers will receive one free raffle ticket for every $10 spent on the day of the Antique Show. Customers may purchase extra tickets for a dollar each and receive three free ticket if they purchase ten tickets. At the end of the show, a winning ticket will be drawn and the winner will receive a phone call.

Mark your calendar for these events, you will not be disappointed and “Happy Antiquing”! 




      Petal, the last resident of the Burlington Center Mall, will make her final trip.   In February, Petal was moved to the Laran Bronze Foundry in Chester Pa. for restoration and on September 14, 2019, (rain date September 21) Petal will travel to her final destination in Burlington City.  A parade in her honor, will commence at 12 noon from City Hall, down High Street, and ending  at the anchor. A coming home party will continue until 3 p.m. with live music, food trucks, activities for kids, vendors, and more! The artist of Petal, Zenos Frudakis, has established a GoFundMe page for Petal and is ecstatic his work of art will be viewed by many for years to come. The Historic Burlington Antiques and Art Emporium, so far has collected $150, towards the construction of the base for Petal.

     Until the end the summer, the Emporium is having a customer appreciation night on Thursday, September 5, from 4pm to7pm with free hot dogs for all customers. In America, the year 1893 was an important date in hot dog history. At the Chicago Colombian Exposition, visitors consumed large quantities of the little sausages nestled in a little bun. Also in 1893, a German immigrant who owned the St. Louis Browns, a Major League Baseball Team at that time, introduced the little sausage to the fans, which became a  standard at all ball parks.

     Also the Emporium display case is fill with patriotic items, until the middle of September. In October the display case will be filled with Halloween items to the middle of November. Presently in the display case, shoppers will find political buttons, American flags, and unusual political items form the past. The Emporium is open 7 days a week from 11am to 5pm ( Thursday until 7pm), located at 424 High St. Burlington City, N.J.. For more information call 609-474-8333.

     If you enjoy a good hot dog, mark your calendar September 5, and “Happy Antiquing!”




You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! These words are echoed through out the summer by children and adults, trying to cool off from the oppressive heat. The origins of ice cream can be traced  back as far as the second century B.C., although no specific date of origin or inventor has been credited with its discovery. Alexander the Great enjoyed snow and ice flavored with honey and nectar, King Solomon was fond of iced drinks during the harvest and Roman Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar (A.D. 54-86) often sent runners into the mountains for snow, which was flavored with fruits and juices.  


     The first official account of ice cream in the New World comes from a letter written in 1744 by a guest of Maryland Governor William Bladen. The first advertisement for ice cream appeared in the New York Gazette on May 12, 1777, when confectioner Phillip Lenzi announced that ice cream was available “almost every day.” Presidents Washington, Jefferson, and Madison enjoyed or created their own recipe for ice cream. Around 1800, insulated ice houses were invented, resulting in manufacturing ice cream soon became an industry in America. By 1851, Baltimore milk dealer, Jacob Fussell was manufacturing ice cream for all and not just the elite. Today the total annual production of ice cream in the United States is more than 1.6 billion gallons. 

     Another favorite summer treat is Italian ice or water ice. Many Italians migrated to America during the turn of the century, bringing a unique method of making money in the form Italian Water Ice. Back in the old country, they formulated a unique and delicious product that served as a substitute for air conditioning on a hot summer’s day. The Italian Water Ice would quench your thirst and coat your pallet with its sweet flavor. The main difference between ice cream and Italian ice is Italian ice does not contain any dairy products. The basic ingredients used to make Italian ice are water, pure sugar cane and the desired flavoring. 

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     The Historic Burlington Antiques and Art Emporium display case from the middle of August to the end of September will house items relating to ice, ice cream, snow cones and water ice. Thursday, August 29, will be customer appreciation day.  

All shoppers will receive a complimentary cup of water ice to enhance your shopping and keep you cool. The Emporium doors are opened seven days a week from 11am to 5pm (Thursday until 7pm) and located at 424 High St. Burlington City, N.J., 08016 or call 609-747-8333 for directions.

   Please visit the Emporium on August 29 and enjoy a delicious refreshing water ice, “or two on us!”

Happy Antiquing!

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