Emporium Dealer, Karen Camoratto was asked by Habitat for Humanity Restore to upcycle  some furniture. Karen has a unique talent, of taking old damaged furniture from the 1930’s to the 1970’s and giving each piece a second chance. Painted antique country furniture from the 1700’s and the1800’s used old milk based paint, which is hard to work with or remove, but do not remove the old paint form early county furniture, the value of the piece will drop drastically. A painted 1700’s Windsor chair can be worth $30,000, but if you strip it, it is only worth $2,000.

karen 2.jpg

     Karen started chalk painting furniture after her youngest son went off to college. Her favorite place to shop for pieces she upcycles is RESTORE. When asked by Habitat for Humanity Restore to upcycle some furniture , Karen choose a 5 drawer chest  to bring back to life. She also decided to donate an entry table/server, which are both available for purchase now at RESTORE on 530 route 38, Maple Shade Township, N.J. 08052 (http://www.habitatbeg.org/restore/). All the proceeds form the sale of these two pieces will help build a house for a deserving family.    

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     Recently Karen decided to rent space at the HISTORIC BURLINGTON ANTIQUES AND ARTS EMPORIUM at 424 High Street in Burlington, NJ, which is open 7 Days a week 11am-5pm, Thursday until 7pm. Once a hobby  has now become a business. You can view all of Karen’s furniture on her Facebook page “Then Again Painted Finds” or visit the Emporium to see her unique talent in person. Karen’s Booth 323 is located on the back wall of the Emporium. Unfortunately the two items Karen repurposed for RESTORE were sold as I was writing this story. Please visit the Emporium to see her talent first hand, she does a fantastic job giving life back to furniture that might have ended up in a land fill.

     For the  month of January the Historic Burlington Antiques and Arts Emporium will have a store wide 20% off sale, of items over $20. when paying with cash or check, 15% off with credit card (most dealers are participating). Exceptions to the sale are items that have final sale tags or firm written on the price tag. The Christmas courtyard light show will go dark in late January and the Emporium display case will change in February.


  To all our customers and future customers hope you had a fantastic holiday and “ Happy New Year”!